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 Squash problems, help?

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PostSubject: Squash problems, help?   Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:32 am

I've started a few squash and melon varieties in my little greenhouse, and am getting ready to transfer them outdoors.  I tried putting out 3 New England Sugar Pie pumpkin starts the other day, and within a day they were dead from some critter.  It looks as though something is wilting them, as the leaves are left somewhat skeletonized, but then wilt quickly down to nothing but the stem.  Of the three plants, two of them were dead the next day, and the third on the second day.  I even tried sprinkling diatomaceous earth around the third one, in an attempt to save it.  Any ideas on what I can do??

The same thing happened to my spaghetti squash last year, but my Howden pumpkin survived just fine.  I just don't want to transplant any more unless I have a game plan of how to combat whatever is happening to them! Sad
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Squash problems, help?
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